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Article provided by: Walter Unger CCIM, CCSS, CCLS Associate Broker

commercial land specialist Arizona Phoenix

commercial land specialist Arizona Phoenix When you shop for properties with the guidance of a savvy commercial land specialist, Phoenix is a fabulous place to be. Walter Unger is a recognized and accredited fellow of the prestigious Certified Commercial Investment Member Institute. When it comes to Arizona commercial property, nobody knows it better than Walter Unger.

Undeveloped land in the Arizona desert is some of the most gorgeous and untouched real estate in the country. It's not all about saguaro and rattlesnakes; in the desert, the air is clean and the vistas quite remarkable. At the Kasten Long Commercial Group in Maricopa County, Walter Unger is a savvy and experienced commercial land specialist. Phoenix land is what he loves to sell, and Walter Unger has been doing so for more than fifteen years. If you own property that is currently 'underwater', as they say, speak with Mr Unger about putting your land on the market. This is a good time, as many lenders are currently making deals with short sales. No matter whether you wish to acquire or unload commercial land or property-- Walter Unger, CCIM, CCSS and CCLS is the man to call. Kasten Long Commercial Group has dozens of listings of undeveloped land and built up commercial properties in Maricopa County and environs.

A commercial land specialist in Phoenix such as Associate Broker Walter Unger has access to listings before they are known to the general buying public. Register on this page and be advised in advance of public real estate listings. By becoming a Member, you are entitled to real estate news flashes, excellent deals and an email newsletter. When you are ready to know more about the excellent investment property opportunities in and around the Southwest, contact Walter Unger CCIM. Unger is a Certified Commercial Investment Member and really knows his way around the Phoenix commercial land market. commercial land specialist Arizona Phoenix

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