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Landscape Designer Miami FL

Landscape Designer Miami FL

While residential and commercial landscape designs are very similar, some slight differences go along with the latest trends in the industry. Within a residential space, design is inspired by the homeowner's lifestyle. A commercial landscape will be based on the type of activities planned out. Either way, you want to have a good landscape designer in Miami, FL, if you are looking to create or maintain a wonderful outdoor space.

Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Designer?

It is not uncommon to wonder what the differences are between architects and designers regarding your landscaping. To hold the title of a landscape architect, you have to hold a bachelor's or master's degree in landscape architecture or both. You will also need to be licensed in Florida to create and work on installing landscaping projects.

A landscape designer in Miami, FL, generally works on smaller-scale residential projects. While some designers will have the same amount of training as landscape architects, the main difference will be certifications for commercial and residential landscaping. Additionally, a landscape designer is not required to hold a state license.

What Is The Difference Between Residential And Commercial Landscaping?

To begin with, landscaping itself is the process of designing and installing gardens and lawn areas to enhance outdoor space. However, there is much more involved than planting, trimming up various areas, watering, and tending to greenery. There must be a total understanding of horticulture and how it all ties in with aesthetics and sustainability to do it well. A good landscaping professional will also know about geography, architecture, ecology, environmental psychology, and earth science.

  • Commercial vs. Residential Landscape

Commercial landscaping focuses on professional properties like restaurants, office buildings, indoor malls, etc. The landscaping could be complicated depending on the layout and the availability of sunlight, and the accessibility to parking lots or employee courtyards. Aesthetics may include:

  • Plants to balance the area
  • Ponds, artificial waterfalls, and fountains to enhance the look
  • Trees to cut back on energy costs and create shade
  • Meticulously trimmed lawn and shrubs

Residential landscaping focuses on privately-owned residences. Each home will usually be unique in terms of goals and offerings because every homeowner has their own ideas of their wants and tastes. Aesthetics may include:

  • Zones for herb/vegetable gardens
  • Hummingbird and butterfly bushes
  • Shrubs, bushes, and trees to outline the property versus a fence
  • Flowers and plantings to add curb appeal and color
  • Installation of favorite flowers that can be cut and displayed indoors
  • Garden/patio seating areas

When it comes to any design you have in mind for your property, you need a professional landscape designer in Miami, FL, to take on the task. Whether you are looking to work on your residential or commercial space, we are here to help at Vincent Filigenzi Design! Get in touch with us by calling (786) 346-8909 to review your landscape design needs and ideas. We will be happy to set up a time for a full consultation and estimate.

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