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McKinney weed treatments

McKinney weed treatments

For practical, effective, and affordable McKinney weed treatments, call Go Green Inc any time. We are known in DFW for providing quality, comprehensive weed treatments and lawn services. If weeds have declared war on your lawn, take them back. After all, it's your lawn!

In DFW, we often consider our gardens to be 'back-to-nature' places. We all have our likes and dislikes; the chief of the latter would probably be weeds for most people. But what exactly is a weed? Is it simply a plant growing where we don't want it to grow?

Different Types of Weeds

Annual weeds grow quickly, flower, and broadcast a large number of seeds as quickly as possible, and then die off, leaving the new seedlings to replace them. Perennial weeds grow very deep roots and are often much more difficult to remove. Therefore, they may need more than one application of weed treatments.

Do You Have Moss in Your Lawn?

In relation to lawns, many people often ignore weeds and choose just to carry on, but because they are not as tough as grass, they soon lead to bare earth when you mow over them, especially in the summertime. It's important to keep weeds at bay if we are to maintain a quality lawn, and it starts with moss!

Weeds can't compete with a healthy-growing lawn. When lawns become mossy, weed seeds are especially adapted to get deep into the moss, and they will germinate in the water that the moss contains. Once the weed gets a foothold, it has a problem in growing because the grass outdrinks the weed. That is why most weeds have a tap root to get deeper to water, which, if you try to pull out, will leave a little behind in the soil that will grow again.
Once a weed is established, it will shade the grass and starve it of light. Without our help, weeds always win.

How to Apply Weed Treatments

When it comes to McKinney weed treatments, Go Green truly is your best choice. We have several weed treatments available, and our weed treatment solutions are always adapted to the lawn in question. Most treatments are started during spring and continue to any time, except for hot, drought periods. Fertilizer should be applied in the spring, summer, and autumn, and when the lawn has been under stress, such as a couple of weeks following a prolonged drought.

Let Us Take Care of Your Weed Problem or Prevent One from Occurring for You

When applying weed treatments, it is best to allow an affordable weed control professional, such as Go Green, do it for you. Why? Because different weed treatments have different applications, and if these applications are not made properly, your treatments can either be ineffective or scorch your grass. Further, the kinds of treatments you would be at Walmart's or Home Depot are not the same as the custom weed treatments we use for our clients.

McKinney weed treatments
McKinney weed treatments
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