Our professional appraisal staff is thorough, knowledgeable and reliable no matter what the size of the property or condition of the equipment.

The Akers Group provides agricultural real estate evaluation and consulting services for properties throughout Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Agricultural real estate includes a wide array of different properties.  We have experience appraising all types of properties and real estate and are proud to offer consulting services and appraisal to a diverse client base.  Some of those property types we appraise include general farms, dairies, concentrated animal operations, vacant land tracts and lifestyle farms.  We have experience in appraising any and all types of agricultural property that is located in the boundaries of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

We are ready to provide complete appraisals for:

  • Agribusiness Properties: Grain Elevators, Agronomy Facilities, Feed Mills, and Seed Facilities
  • Financing
  • Condemnation - compensation including value of land taken by governmental agency plus
  • Conservation and Agricultural Easements
  • Partial Interests- minority, leasehold, life estates, scenic and conservation easements
  • Complex Properties - permanent plantings, processing facilities, transitional or recreational

Prior clients include personal land owners, banks and other lending institutions, lawyers, arbitrators, financial planners, real estate developers, governmental agencies, corporate institutions, independent investors, and many others who have had a stake in agricultural property and real estate.

We provide a thorough and reliable evaluation of each property, because as we understand, each evaluation requires an in depth analysis of the entire farming operation. Our services provide clear and precise information regarding soil composition, water quality and crop potential, giving you an accurate understanding of your land’s true value. Every element of your rural real estate plays into its ultimate worth, so when you want your evaluation done right the first time contact the Akers Group.

Our highly experienced appraisers have a wide range of experience covering:


  • Unimproved Farmland
  • Improved Farms
  • Livestock Facilities
  • Dairy Facilities
  • Farmettes
  • Development and Transitional Land
  • Conservation and Agricultural Easements
  • Rural Properties
  • Grain Elevators
  • Fertilizer/Chemical/Agronomy Facilities
  • Feed Mills
  • Seed Processing Facilities
  • Most other kinds of rural property

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